UK Show Results from 1964

Crufts: Mrs D M Dennis (Branston)
DCC: Ch Sollershott Soloist (& BOB)
RCC: Ch Waideshouse Woodpecker
BCC: Ch Stoneygap Sugar Candy of Mahnraf
RCC: Famecheck Lucrative

Manchester: Mr R J Gadsden
DCC: Ch Waideshouse Woodpecker (& BOB)
RCC: Benefactor of Branston
BCC: Snowcliff Spring Song
RCC: Ch Birkfell Solitaire

WHWT Club of England: Miss M Turnbull (Leal)
DCC: (Ch)Mahgni Wooster(3rd) (& BOB)
RCC: Ch Sollershott Sun-Up
BCC: Snowcliff Spring Song
RCC: Raasay Shionach of Lonbuie

WELKS: Mrs E A Beels (Petriburg)
DCC: Benefactor of Branston
RCC: Pinkholme Paramount
BCC: (Ch)Snowcliff Spring Song(3rd) (& BOB)
RCC: Rivelin Rhumba

Bath: Mr W Siggers
DCC: Ch Sollershott Sun-Up (& BOB)
RCC: Glengyle Trader
BCC: (Ch)Rivelin Rhumba(3rd)
RCC: Whitebriar Jassy

Scottish Kennel Club: Mr G Leatt
DCC: Rhianfa Diplomat (& BOB)
RCC: Waideshouse Warrant
BCC: Waideshouse Woodlark
RCC: Birkfell Summer Sun

National Terrier: Mrs R K Capper
DCC: Benefactor of Branston
RCC: Ch Mahgni Wooster
BCC: Baggage of Branston (& BOB)
RCC: Sollershot So Early

WHWT Club: Mrs D Lang
DCC: Ch Mahgni Wooster (& BOB)
RCC: Famecheck Romeo
BCC: Broomlaw Silver Dollar
RCC: Wallacehill Miss Wistful

Cheshire: Mr M Fentan FitzGerald
DCC: (Ch)Rhianfa Rifleman(3rd)
RCC: Glengyle Trader
BCC: Rhianfa Eriegael Summer Storm (& BOB)
RCC: Waideshouse Woodlark

Three Counties: Miss A A Wright (Calluna)
DCC: Citrus Lochinvar of Estcoss
RCC: Bardel of Branston
BCC: (Ch)Waideshouse Woodlark(3rd) (& BOB)
RCC: Sollershott Sea Pink

Blackpool: Mr A H Salisbury
DCC: Famecheck Romeo (& BOB)
RCC: Ch Mahgni Wooster
BCC: Phelo o'Petriburg
RCC: Ch Waideshouse Woodlark

Windsor: Mr G B Ellis
DCC: Famecheck Romeo
RCC: Waideshouse Warrant
BCC: Phelo o'Petriburg (& BOB)
RCC: Ch Waideshouse Woodlark

Paignton: Miss L Turner
DCC: Waideshouse Warrant
RCC: Benefactor of Branston
BCC: Ch Waideshouse Woodlark (& BOB)
RCC: Whitebriar Jassy

South Wales KA: Miss F M C Cook (Famecheck)
(no BOB indicated in Stud Book)
DCC: Sollershott Sober
RCC: Benefactor of Branston
BCC: Glengyle Teasle
RCC: Lasara Lady Margaret

Leicester: The Hon T F Rollo (Kendrum)
DCC: (Ch)Waideshouse Warrant(3rd) (& BOB)
RCC: Pinkholme Paramount
BCC: Phluster o'Petriburg
RCC: Sollershott Sparkle

Dumfries and Galloway: Mrs M Law (Broomlaw)
(no BOB indicated in the stud book)
DCC: Pinkholme Paramount
RCC: Shamus of Glenalwyne
BCC: The Witch of Lakelynn
RCC: Rhianfa Eriegael Summer Storm

Southern Counties: Miss F J Chenuz (Eastfield Sealyhams)
DCC: Lasara Liegeman (& BOB)
RCC: Benefactor of Branston
BCC: Ch Slitrig Shining Star of Lynwood
RCC: Lasara Lola

City of Birmingham: Mrs J Creasy
DCC: (Ch)Citrus Lochinvar of Estcoss(3rd) (& BOB)
RCC: Quakertown Quistador
BCC: Baggage of Branston
RCC: Glengyle Teasle

Bournemouth: Mr W M Singleton
DCC: Quakertown Quistador (& BOB)
RCC: Glengyle Trader
BCC: Glengyle Teasle
RCC: Whitebriar Jatoma

Belfast: Mr L C Wilson
DCC: Pinkholme Paramount (& BOB)
RCC: Eriegael Summer Rain
BCC: (Ch)Kandymint of Carryduff(3rd)
RCC: Snowymint of Carryduff

Scottish Kennel Club: Miss J Herbert (Glenalwyne)
DCC: Quakertown Quistador (& BOB)
RCC: Famecheck Hallmark
BCC: Briarrose of Branston
RCC: Birkfell Seafire

L K A: Mr G B Dennis (Branston)
DCC: Lasara Liegeman
RCC: Sollershott Sober
BCC: Sollershott Sea Pink (& BOB)
RCC: Pillerton Pippa

Birmingham: Mrs E Anthony (Crystone)
DCC: (Ch)Quakertown Quistador(3rd) (& BOB)
RCC: Sollershott Freshney Foy
BCC: (Ch)Baggage of Branston(3rd)
RCC: Glengyle Teasle

Richmond: Mrs W Barber
DCC: Sollershott Freshney Foy (& BOB)
RCC: Bardel of Branston
BCC: Sollershott Sparkle
RCC: Ch Baggage of Branston

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